“INSTANTLY READY” Plug&Grow Indoor Vertical Farming Rack System 室内种植


Replicate the same system at your home the exact growing system of what you see in GreenGift Shop!

During this Covid19 CircuitBreaker period Social Distancing is required, site installation setup service is prohibited! So, how can you still get your NEW complete assembled set of Indoor Vertical Farming Rack System at your home, instantly Plug&Grow?

Fret Not!! GreenGift is offering Contactless Delivery Service delivering a FULL Complete Setup Set to your doorsteps!

Yes, a fully assembled system delivers to you. No meetup, No sign-off & Contactless!

Upon arrival outside your house, a photo of the ordered item place outside your doorsteps will be taken and WhatsApp to you to pick them up. There will be no physical meetup, sign off, chat, etc. and you just need to acknowledge that you have received your order placed at your doorsteps. You just need to power up to use instantly, and that simple.

PM us to know more to order yours today to enjoy the Free Contactless Delivery Service.

Limited unit available, while stock lasts!

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Items Included

    • 2 Models available (Basic / Full Capacity)
    • White powder-coated rack
    • Variable height
    • 1 lot of Artificial Light for Plant (Basic / Full Capacity)
    • Truly earth protected SAFETY labeled power cable exclusively only available by GreenGift
    • Interconnecting cables
    • Hydroponic Starter Kit c/w vegetables seeds

To place an order

Collection / Delivery

    • Direct + Contactless Delivery Only (Delivery Fee applies)


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