GreenGift Hydroponic Starter Kit

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Select 1 sample seeds for 1 Hydroponic Starter Kit. Please order kits separately for a different choice of seeds.
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  • Simple, easy & compact starter farming kit for beginner urban farmers.
  • A clean and sleek colour hydroponic kit that is presentable in the office and home.
  • Versatile enough to be placed on any windowsill with direct sunlight or under a table lamp.
  • Educational kit for children to learn life-plant process and responsibilities.
  • Activities that are good for family bonding as well as therapeutic & stress-relief.
  • Best gift for colleagues, friends and family members
  • Best Reward: 100% Pesticide-Free Home Grown Edibles

Items Included

      • 1 Opaque Mini Farm Box
      • 1 Cover with 5 Planter Holes
      • 5 Hydroponic Mini Net Pots
      • 20 Cylindrical Germination Sponges
      • 2 Bottles of Hydroponic Plant Food Nutrients (Labelled A & B)
      • 1 Measuring Scoop
      • 1 Pack of Sample Seeds


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  • Delivery can be arranged with charges depending per trip location

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