GreenGift High Rise Planter


  • Custom-Made Design for the high-yield growing of vegetables in our urban setting.
  • space-saving vertical planting in the balcony, or along common corridors, in the outdoor garden, the community garden plot, and/or allotment plot in a park.
  • Minimum space/foot-print required with high-yield growing (10 or 20 or 30 stalks of vegetables)!
  • Growing of multiple leafy crops or herbs with their choice of soil (organic), outdoor, or even indoors with artificial lights.
  • Elevate growing space to catch more sunlight (solutions for high-parapets)
  • Water-saving as a growing medium within the vertical trunk holds & share the moisture within
  • Saving of watering time just by water the top-most planter
  • A minimum amount of growing medium as they shared among the numerous planters
  • Vertical planting allows better foliage ventilation
  • Improve root aeration with a bigger opening from the lower planter
  • Reduction of waterlogging in a growing medium which eliminates the possibility of mosquito breeding and root rot issues.


Items Included:

    • 1 × GreenGift High Rise Planter (10P / 20P / 30P)
    • 1 × Planting Pot
    • 1 x Home Delivery Service
    • 1 Lot of Premium Compost Mix
    • 1 Time Setup

Choice For Selection

    • 10 Planters on a 1m (L) x 150mm (Dia) White uPVC pipe
    • 20 Planters on a 1.5m (L) x 150mm (Dia) White uPVC pipe
    • 30 Planters on a 2m (L) x 150mm (Dia) White uPVC pipe

Lead Time

    • At least 2 weeks from the date of payment.

To place an order

Collection / Delivery

    • Self-Collection to be arranged only upon full payment made
    • Delivery services applicable only to Singapore Mainland.

Additional information

Number of Planters

10P, 20P, 30P


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