GreenGift 4-Tiers Vertical Farming Rack System


  • 3 Plant Growing Spaces of about 920mm (L) x 350mm(W) x 1410mm(H) equipped with lights which enable healthy growth of vegetables, herbs and lettuces or any other plants within the least space indoors.
  • Any plant, soiled or hydroponics, can be grown within the rack space.
  • Each vertical rack system uses only a very small footprint of about 0.3 sqm and having 4-times of growing space (Vertically).
  • Six 900T8 E2 LED Light Assembly Set can be connected Daisy-Chain-Like in series to a power socket to keep the wiring well-organized and neat.


Items Included:

  • 1 × 4-Tier Vertical Rack
  • 9 × GreenGift Mini Urban Farm
    (Default: Complete with a set of 9 different Lettuce Seeds)
  • 6 × 900T8 LED Light Assembly Sets
  • 1 × Spout Bottle
  • 1 × Tweezer


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Delivery & Installation

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