Neat & Sleek 600T8 LED Light Assembly Set c/w brackets & accessories


Please be assured that every single GreenGift E2 LED Light will be for sure quality checked by ourselves before putting them up on the shelf for sales.

Besides checking the required external & certain internal parts, we will also do a power-test on them too.  Any lights not up to GreenGift Specification Standard will be rejected.

GreenGift E2 LED Light WILL NOT have the flickering stroboscopic effect that will put our eyes at higher health risks!

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GreenGift E2 LED Light caters to the insufficient light issues faced by most urban farmers who wanted very much to grow their own pesticide-free vegetables.

Items Included

    • 1 x Light
      Full Spectrum – 6500K – Double LED Strips – 2835 Chip Set – Light Angle at 120 degree – Length 600mm – T8 Connectors – IP40 2024 Aluminium Profile fixture with great heat dissipation – Clear protective cover / splash prevention – 230V/50Hz
    • 2 x Adjustable / Flexible Arm Light Holder
      Simple & Quick Installation – Easy Removal – White Colour
    • 2 x Insulated L Bracket
      For Hanging Options – Black Colour
    • 1 x Set of Screws, Washer, Bolt & Nut
      For Permanent Mounting Options 
    • 2 x Steel Clips
    • 1 x GreenGift Three-Pins EarthLiveNeutral Plug Top with 1.8m Power Cable c/w ON-OFF Switch
      White Colour
    • 1 x Safety Cover Plug
      to cover the other end of the LED Power Connection
    • 1 x Extendable 3-Holes Power Adapter
      White Colour

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