GreenGift High Rise Planter Package

Include Delivery, a medium pot, compost mix and complete installation readily for your planting.

Just need to get ready your seeds or seedlings ready for planting to watch them grow healthily in the High Rise Planter, to get ready for harvest in few weeks time.

Available in 3 models of an overall height of
– 1.0m
– 1.5m (most popular)
– 2.0m

PM us for the package price if it interests you.

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Lactobacilus Humus Microbial Plant Enhancer

Introducing our liquid essence of Lacto-Humus plant enhancer that improves plant immunity & health, accelerates plant growth, and acts as soil amendment to help root mass development by collaboration with nature microbes.

We brewed it with organic matters & plant base ingredients till it is fully decomposed over a very long period of time hence there isn’t any foul smells. Material such as aged compost Humus, Lactobacilus chicken manure, Kelps, unchlorinated water, etc were used.

The beneficial microbes Lactobacilus breaks down the nutrients within the soil into plant food element readily within the growing media. The high CEC Humus (Cation Exchange Capacity) helps to hold & store the readily available plant food elements for the root to access & absorb.

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Customized metal hanging structure cum trellises for plants to optimize gardening space.

Customized metal hanging structure cum trellises for plants to optimize gardening space

We have just completed design, fabricate & installation of a metal structure for a passionate gardener at her garden.

With our engineered strong metal fixture would means the planting space can be increase to accommodate more gardening space given; hook pots on the sides; as well as hanging pots from the top of the thick metal poles, etc.

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GreenGift High Rise Planter include delivery, pot, compost & complete installation.

GreenGift High Rise Planter
– 10P (10 Planters on a 1m length x diameter 150mm uPVC pipe), enquire for price.
– 20P (20 Planters on a 1.5m length x diameter 150mm uPVC pipe), enquire for price
– 30P (30 Planters on a 2m length x diameter 150mm uPVC pipe), enquire for price.

This customized-by-hand product like an ‘art piece’ that is uniquely crafted – every piece is similarly produced!! The design is to cater for space saving planting (saved up to 97.1%), by growing vertically in finite places like balcony, along common corridor, outdoor garden, Community Garden Plot and/or Allotment Plot at park. We designed this to allow gardeners who wish to maximize their precious growing space. Multiple growing of leafy crops or herbs with their choice of soil (be it organic or not), outdoor or even indoor with artificial lights, all at one go with minimum space/foot-print, to achieve a higher yield for more than 20 or 30 or even 40 stalks of vegetables at 1 harvest!

As the design stands vertically tall, it elevate the growing space upward catching more sunlight whenever is available. This will help common corridor gardening too by elevating the growing space above the parapet edge, making it safe with the pot on the ground yet able to grow under the direct sunlight that are streaming in.

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