News Feed on 30 Apr 2020

Today, our latest resident is catching much attention among all the greens at GreenGift Mini Farm Plot. Besides, its sweet rose scent will captivate those who get near her.

Soon many of these Beautiful & Fragrant blooms can be seen at GreenGift Mini Farm Plot..

How do you like them?

News Feed on 28 Apr 2020

With reference from SG MTI Ref.No: 5e8aad8a2e28f300117689cb, GreenGift can continue to provide & supply farming materials to consumers, during this Covid19 CircuitBreaker period.

However, GreenGift will ONLY operate with CONTACTLESS service! That is order & payment can only be made via online (FB & Carousell, PayNow, PayLah or BankTransfer). Contactless Delivery Directly from GreenGift Shop to Customer’s door steps to complete your order..

Example here illustrated how we fulfill an order with our Contactless Direct-Delivery of GreenGift Vertical Farming Rack System to our customer.

1) Order was made online through FB chat.

2) Payment was made via PayNow.

3) Order preparation:
– Rack & lighting system were assembled inside GreenGift Shop.
– All lights, wires & connections were tested before loading-up into transport.

4) ContactlessDelivery
– Update customer on our ETA to their doorstep.
– Head directly to customer’s house.
– item arrived & placed outside Customer’s doorstep. No meetup, No sign-off & No physical chat.
– Customer received a picture of their item already placed at their doorstep.

5) Customer received & acknowledgement
– Customer pick them up after we left.
– Customer reply received item in order.

6) Order Completed
– Customer retrieved item the whole setup into their home. Plug into their 3-pin power socket and viola their “Instant Ready” Plug&Grow Vertical Farming Rack System is up and running.

If any of GreenGift product interests you, pm us to deal and your item will be delivered in the above mentioned manner.

News Feed on 23 Apr 2020

Daily manual mass production can really back-breaking! Hahahaa but because of all your support GreenGift are able to come this far. Especially to the repeating customers, Thank You all for your appreciation of using GreenGift signature Aged Humus Compost Mix to plant your vegetables & fruit plant.

Currently, we have run out of the woven bag, so we will be using a plastic bag instead for all subsequent order until our supplier shop re-open again.

Our long supporting customer shared her crops grown with her High Rise Planters.. Best use at this period of time!

News Feed on 22 Apr 2020

Rare White Jade Roselle Plantlet

Twol of our signature White Jade Roselle plantlets in 15cm pot are currently in their fruiting season at GreenGift Garden Plot, and is ready for sales.

Each plant is about 1ft – 2ft tall as shown.

This is another way to consume your super-plant – mulberry!

Extended Covid19 Circuit Breaker would mean more Me-Time and Home-Time!

Take this opportunity to grow your own Pesticide-free salad greens and vegetables at home. Be it soil planting or Hydroponic growing, our Vertical Farming Rack System equipped with Basic or Full Capacity artificial lighting system to grow them indoor. No worry of no direct sunshine available at your comfort home. Isolate the crops growing from outdoor would mean no pesticides needed. Beside, it brighten up your space while your crops are growing.

Order yours today and we shall deliver Contactlessly to you in FULL Complete assembled system directly to your door steps. Just need to plug & power-on the switch to use it instantly.

Plug&Grow Indoor Vertical Farming Rack System

News Feeds on 16 Apr 2020

Despite GreenGift Shop has closed for over a week since the Covid19CircuitBreaker started, these few plants are still doing very well within our shop.

These same pictures were taken yesterday for customer to view virtually, and they are now sold. A Direct Contactless Delivery will be arranged very soon.

Appreciate for your kind support to a local humble enterprise like GreenGift.

Thank you.

News Feed on 15 Apr 2020

Dear GreenGift’s Friends & Supporters,

Despite GreenGift has obtained the permit (Ref.No: 5e8aad8a2e28f300117689cb) to provide ‘Essential’ services supplying & retailing farming materials to consumers and hobbyists, we decided we will NOT open GreenGift Shop for business during this Covid19 CircuitBreaker period.

As a socially responsible Singapore enterprise, we hope all friends and supporters to be safe by staying home rather than attracting or enticing the public to come out and risk themselves & public during this period of critical moment.

GreenGift will continue to provide our Direct Contactless Delivery service, from GreenGift Shop to your door step without meetup nor chat nor sign-off etc) for your need. Checkout our sites or chat with us via pm/dm for our products that interest you.

Sorry for the inconveniences cause and thank you for your understanding.

You may like to check us out at





News Feed on 06 Apr 2020

Covid19 SG Circuit Breaker

Compliance to the above, all GreenGift online orders and delivery services (drop & go) will still be available except GreenGift Shop will be closed.

GreenGift Shop will open as early as 8am today for customer to view and pick up their purchases before closing at 3pm.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Thank you.

GreenGift Shop
19 Serangoon North Ave 5 #02-02
Singapore 554913
(Level 2 above ShengSiong Supermarket)
Today 6April2020 Monday 8am – 3pm
Closed on Tuesday onward till further notice.

News Feed on 03 Apr 2020

ONLY for Serious Gardener

Indoor/outdoor Farming Gardening Planting System 室内户外种植

The big pot of 100% Pesticide-free vegetables like Salad Lettuce, KaiLan, CaiSim, XiaoBai, etc all grown either inside GreenGift Shop or at GreenGift Garden Plot!! Our design, system & accessories has repeatedly proven to be effective in urban farming with the help of technology. Our indoor crops are grown over the past few weeks under our 600T8 & 900T8 E2 LED lights. Seeing is believing! Once you reach GreenGift Shop, you will be able to see them physically grown within our shop in vertical racks.

Our proven planting accessories, lights, racks, soil, hydroponics, etc are available for sales for the customer who wants to plant them at their comfort home. We do have complete indoor growing systems, vertically like what you see in our shop, replicate the same way we grow in our shop within your home or office. Consult our friendly & experienced staff. Alternatively, engage us to help you kick-start & set up your home planting system vertically, be it indoor or outdoor, to harvest your own-grown high nutritional 100% pesticide-free crops. GreenGift also provides established seedlings too to help you ‘kick-start’ your growing journey, be it Hydroponic or soil-cultured.

GreenGift Enterprise
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