Unique Pastel Blue Pea Plantlet (dia. 15cm pot)

Rare & Uniqie Tranquil Pastel Blue colour Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea). Best grown in our Singapore climate. The bloom consist of a pair of funnel-shaped flowers. Traditionally, it is use as dye to food and decoration to culinary and salad. Many articles suggested that their medicinal properties, especially the roots that can juice & mix in cold milk, to drink as remedy for abdominal swelling, sore throats, mucus disorders, remove phlegm and chronic bronchitis.

Very easy to grow the vine. We grown them in pot with well drain nutrients rich media. Water them generously daily. Can control their growth in small pot just like what you see in the pictures. Not much Fertilizer is needed to get it bloom. What they need is few hours of sunshine.

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