GreenGift Herbs Bonsai Set – Chinese Money Plant (Coin Plant, 铜钱叶, Hydrocotyle) in 净, 悟, 道, 禅, 韵 theme Sand Pot + Figurine + Fertilizer

The circular rounded leaf looks like ancient coin, hence its name. It is a herb leafy plant planted at home to help cleanse the air 净化空气,治病防疫, and has symbolic meaning of Family togetherness 团团圆圆, Prosperity 财源滚滚, living Fengshui 组风水宝平安!

Plant beside any bright spot. It is very easy growing plant. Simple to care great symbolic Bonsai set. Just require bright shade and water generously. Various theme of sand pot coupled with figurine to bring out the artistic feel of Zen with serenity to the overall setting.

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