Customized metal hanging structure cum Trellises for plants.

It is raining season again. Most of the plants that sit on flat surface or platform tends to take a longer time for the water within the soil to evaporate away, only through the soil surface. It may increase the chances of root rot, especially herbs plants like Rosemary, Thymes, Lavender, etc..

So, the best way to improve the situation is to hang and elevate the potted plant. This allows the root within the soil to have better “breather” both from the soil surface and through the drainage holes of the pot. Excessive water can drain off relatively faster. Elevate the plant by hanging it high encourages better ventilation for the plant. It will result in better & healthier root system hence improve overall health of plant to ward off against the possible pests. Less crawlies crawling from the ground to the pot such as like centipedes, millipedes, snails, etc…

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