Sterile+Inert Growing Mix – Herbs Media Mix

Herbs Media Mix is a specially concocted growing substrate for providing best growth of herbs plant. It can be used for propagating herbs cuttings too.

It contain several specially selected choice of natural material such as rice husk, perlite, etc. that are STERILE and “INERT” (Free of any pest & bacteria). The combination of these materials provide well-drain capability, so as to minimise the chances to root rot, besides the high aeration characteristic within the root zone is what determine for a healthy and vigorous growing herbs plant. This is especially BEST for repotting Nursery’s Rosemary, Lavender, Thymes, etc. Herbs plant. We also provides repotting service at a fee.

Each ingredients for Herbs Media Mix are hand-sieved, mix in proportional amount for optimum growth of herbs plant and pack in 1.5L zip lock bag for easy usage & storage. Each pack can fully filled a 15cm diameter x 15cm depth pot.

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