News Feed on 09 May 2020

SG Climate Strawberry that was 100% cultivated, bred and grown in Singapore GreenGift Garden Plot.

Many saw these beautiful plant and were surprised to see our cultivated SG Climate Strawberry can be grown under our Singapore Climate, exposing to the hot sun & rain without overhead cover. It not only can grow well, they can bloom & fruit too under all the possible outdoor element.

GreenGift is now operating under the MTI approval permit to provide Physical Distancing Sales. All transactions are to be made Contactlessly between GreenGift & our customer.

Another batch of bumper crops shared by a customer who bought this Thumb Size Mulberry Fruit (1m plant) before January2020 CNY.

We are glad many supporting customers are now enjoying their Super-Fruit, continously, especially during this time of need to boost our immune system to fight for viruses.

Currently we do have several pots of these Thumb Size Fruit mulberry sapling available for sales. If it interests you, do get in touch with us via FB pm.

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