News Feed on 28 Apr 2020

With reference from SG MTI Ref.No: 5e8aad8a2e28f300117689cb, GreenGift can continue to provide & supply farming materials to consumers, during this Covid19 CircuitBreaker period.

However, GreenGift will ONLY operate with CONTACTLESS service! That is order & payment can only be made via online (FB & Carousell, PayNow, PayLah or BankTransfer). Contactless Delivery Directly from GreenGift Shop to Customer’s door steps to complete your order..

Example here illustrated how we fulfill an order with our Contactless Direct-Delivery of GreenGift Vertical Farming Rack System to our customer.

1) Order was made online through FB chat.

2) Payment was made via PayNow.

3) Order preparation:
– Rack & lighting system were assembled inside GreenGift Shop.
– All lights, wires & connections were tested before loading-up into transport.

4) ContactlessDelivery
– Update customer on our ETA to their doorstep.
– Head directly to customer’s house.
– item arrived & placed outside Customer’s doorstep. No meetup, No sign-off & No physical chat.
– Customer received a picture of their item already placed at their doorstep.

5) Customer received & acknowledgement
– Customer pick them up after we left.
– Customer reply received item in order.

6) Order Completed
– Customer retrieved item the whole setup into their home. Plug into their 3-pin power socket and viola their “Instant Ready” Plug&Grow Vertical Farming Rack System is up and running.

If any of GreenGift product interests you, pm us to deal and your item will be delivered in the above mentioned manner.

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