News Feed on 22 Apr 2020

Rare White Jade Roselle Plantlet

Twol of our signature White Jade Roselle plantlets in 15cm pot are currently in their fruiting season at GreenGift Garden Plot, and is ready for sales.

Each plant is about 1ft – 2ft tall as shown.

This is another way to consume your super-plant – mulberry!

Extended Covid19 Circuit Breaker would mean more Me-Time and Home-Time!

Take this opportunity to grow your own Pesticide-free salad greens and vegetables at home. Be it soil planting or Hydroponic growing, our Vertical Farming Rack System equipped with Basic or Full Capacity artificial lighting system to grow them indoor. No worry of no direct sunshine available at your comfort home. Isolate the crops growing from outdoor would mean no pesticides needed. Beside, it brighten up your space while your crops are growing.

Order yours today and we shall deliver Contactlessly to you in FULL Complete assembled system directly to your door steps. Just need to plug & power-on the switch to use it instantly.

Plug&Grow Indoor Vertical Farming Rack System

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