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ONLY for Serious Gardener

Indoor/outdoor Farming Gardening Planting System 室内户外种植

The big pot of 100% Pesticide-free vegetables like Salad Lettuce, KaiLan, CaiSim, XiaoBai, etc all grown either inside GreenGift Shop or at GreenGift Garden Plot!! Our design, system & accessories has repeatedly proven to be effective in urban farming with the help of technology. Our indoor crops are grown over the past few weeks under our 600T8 & 900T8 E2 LED lights. Seeing is believing! Once you reach GreenGift Shop, you will be able to see them physically grown within our shop in vertical racks.

Our proven planting accessories, lights, racks, soil, hydroponics, etc are available for sales for the customer who wants to plant them at their comfort home. We do have complete indoor growing systems, vertically like what you see in our shop, replicate the same way we grow in our shop within your home or office. Consult our friendly & experienced staff. Alternatively, engage us to help you kick-start & set up your home planting system vertically, be it indoor or outdoor, to harvest your own-grown high nutritional 100% pesticide-free crops. GreenGift also provides established seedlings too to help you ‘kick-start’ your growing journey, be it Hydroponic or soil-cultured.

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