News Feed on 22 March 2020

A great advantage of having a Mulberry plant at home not just being able to enjoy the fruits it bears periodically, their leaves are valuable too. One of the best ways to boost our body’s immune system is by drawing the nutritional value from mulberry leaves. Sharing here a recipe showing how to make Mulberry Huat Kueh or Mulberry Cup Cake!


Four Leaf Lucky Plant 幸运四叶草

Get something special for oneself or love one – Lucky Plant to draw LOVE & LUCK!

Place it on your working desk to draw a good relationship between colleagues, bosses, and clients.

Plant it at home at the balcony, patio, garden, etc to draw harmonious & love.

It is an easy growing plant that requires bright light (or sunshine) beside windowsill and regular watering to keep them hydrated will do.

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