November 2019 Newsletter

Few pots of colourful Haworthia Obtusa, Cooperi, Lithops, succulents, etc, etc in porcelain pots at GreenGift Shop awaits you!!! Come by and grab yours before they are gone!

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Freshly mix Aged Humus Compost Mix and Germination Mix Media today morning ready for delivery!

It is a well-drained media best for the fruiting plant!

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GreenGift Hydroponic Beginner Starter Farming Kit Set at $15

Come to see the real thing, not just by on-line words or pictures! Our unique GreenGift Shop is open to the public to view the real growth, item, device, material, etc, etc and make a well-informed decision. Our friendly & experienced staff is there to help you better understand what you may need before embarking on the planting journey. We prove our product in front of you.

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What can be better than harvesting our very own-grown 100% pesticide-free rare SUPER fruit – Taiwanese Long Mulberry?

This is what we mean.. lol

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A humble harvest today morning at GreenGift Garden Plot of these rare SUPER fruit – Taiwanese Long Mulberry.

The tested sweetness level of the fruit to be Brix 27.5%!! Check out our FB posts on the test.

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Mulberries harvest 桑椹丰收

How can we miss harvesting the invaluable tempting fruit hanging on the plant at GreenGift Garden Plot when they are in their fruiting season!!

A beautiful early Sunday morning at GreenGift Garden Plot to prepare the customer’s order of Aged Humus Compost Mix and ready to be collected at GreenGift Shop!

Just reach home after a visit to one of our supporter home. We chat about the eating fruits & vegetables that sprayed with “Pesticide”. Our own homegrown crops are not sprayed with any pesticides so it is 100% pesticide-free. Hence, here again, we would like to share the post we shared several years ago.

The heavy downpour today morning disrupted our preparation of aged humus compost for customer order. Stuck at GreenGift Garden Plot, went to harvest for fruit instead. Enjoying our breakfast with the ripen Taiwanese Long Mulberry fruit in the cool Friday morning!

100% Pesticide-free Taiwanese Long Mulberry

Today, another pot of fruiting Taiwanese Long Mulberry plant arrived at GreenGift Shop for customer’s collection.

Our customer who ordered this plant in September was happy & excited to receive our update for the arrival of her plant. She was eager to meet her rare plant to taste-test the invaluable fresh fruits on the plant. These fruits cannot be found at any fruit store outlets in Singapore, because their fruits are highly perishable. The previous sweetness test on the fruit was Brix 27.5%, surpassing most other fruits’ sweetness with the highest to be Brix 22%.

What makes this cultivar so rare is that this plant is almost impossible to be grown from seeds. Besides, their naturally weak root-system which poses a highly challenging task for propagating them through cuttings.

It is always worth the wait for GreenGift to “train” these plants to go into the fruiting season. Importantly, they are grown with 100% pesticide-free. In delivering ordered plants, GreenGift always ensures the quality of the plant are met, and the best way is to enable our customer to taste-test the fruit upon their collection. Besides customers owning these rare plants, they will be taught our technique of training them to fruit, which makes it invaluable to order a plant from GreenGift.

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GreenGift is blessed with many supporters that trusted our Service & Product. Today morning, this customer ordered a few sets of lights for their balcony garden. After the installations, I was given a set of the home-cooked and baked food done by the lady owner before rushing back to open GreenGift Shop… and with the good thoughts, the food is properly packed with fork & spoon ready to be eaten!! Aren’t they are kind & loving couple??

Thank you Sir & Mdm for supporting GreenGift all along. May you and your family stay happy & healthy, always!

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