Growing Home Grown Edibles

Growing our own produce in an urban setting has never been so easy, be it in a balcony in a high-rise apartment or indoor. This is now an achievable leisure one can do with your love one and with family.

As long as you have the courage to take the first step to start growing plant or edibles, you will find “farming” is enjoyable and fun hobby to be in.

You can kick-start “farming” with our basic kit, which is an easy-to-use beginner kit that come with all the necessary materials needed. Upon garnering more confidence, you can consider to upgrade with GreenGift 4-tier Vertical Rack Growing System later. They are 100% formulated by GreenGift in SG to enable one to grow one’s own home-grown vegetables, herbs and salad greens in our urban condition & climate.

Having an edible garden is also a great way to add greenery to your home, bringing fresh and relaxing ambient living space we always looking forward to have.

Home farming enables young & old alike to explore the amazing growing cycle of plant and nature. The experiential learning & bonding time with children through farming enable them to understand about responsiblity, discipline and care for the nature with practical hands-on approach activity at the ease of our time and comfort home.

Best of all, together you can get to reward with the freshest crops that you have sowed & harvested at the optimum space & time available.

Check out our comprehensive range of products that are available for you to choose from in our shop that may suit your need. You can customize and setup your mini urban garden with minimum space requirement regardless of whether you are experienced or first-time gardeners who worry about the lack of a green thumb.

Below are some tips to consider for you to get started:

Lights for photosynthesis:

Edible plants need about four to six hours of direct sunlight; the more the merrier!

Our local high-rise apartments & buildings are designed to stay cool and shaded from direct sunlight. That increase the challenge for urban farmers.

However, you can consider using artificial light to suppliment the growing process: choose from our range of E2 LED Light Assembly Set that will surely suit your need. It is an ultimate solution for gardeners who do not have direct sunlight for growing plant at their premises.

More importantly, it is designed for easy of used – clamp on table edge. The light is specially selected, tested repeatedly ensuring it work well for planth growth. It simulate our daily outdoor light that are not only suitable for growing the plant, yet it can lite up your place with least harmful effect to ourselves and love ones as opposed to other coloured light.


At different stage of plant growth, the plant require different combination of element mineral to aid their growth. The combination of the element minerials are what we used to term them fertilizers.

However, studies and researches have identified that plant generally require several elements (at least 17) along-side with air (Oxygen), water (Hydrogen & Oxygen) as well as light to enable them to grow, and most importantly grow healthily till harvest.

These essential elementary minerals for plant growth can be sub-catergories as macro-nutrients like Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K), Calcium(Ca), Magnesium(Mg), Sulphur(S) & Carbon(C),  as well as micro-nutrients or trace elements such as Boron(B), Chlorine(Cl), Cobalt(Co), Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe), Manganese(Mn), Molydemun(Mo) and Zinc(Zn).


Growing vegetables & herbs require sunny space available with suitable environment (not scorching hot)! So how one can control that to farm edibles in an urban setting?

You do not need to fret over space limitations; with our mini urban farm kits, designed small and modular, a tablespace is all you need.

Our mini urban farm kits allow customization and expansion in accordance to your home space and your desire.

Tender Loving Care

The edible garden needs our tender loving care too. They need to be tended to just like our pet.

Feed them water regularly, prune and check on them periodically to ensure they grow healthily & lush.

Be it growing them indoors or outdoors, our mini urban farm is portable and easy to manage, even for kids or elderly.